Energy Control

STEP-Putting comprehensive energy control in the palm of your hand.

Every kW Counts

STEP maximizes savings based on your specific usage and translates that to the best economic value 

Making it Simple

We take the complexities of energy choice and make them simple for you.

Successful Energy Strategy Roadmap

Data gathering and analysis produces a roadmap to a successful energy strategy.

Maximize Savings on your Utility Spend

Each clients' needs are unique. It takes experience and knowledge to maximize savings on your utility spend.

Managing the Complexity & Expense

We provide options to manage the complexity and expense of electricity and natural gas.

Welcome to STEP Resources... an Energy Advisory Group

STEP Resources takes complex and confusing energy related activities and develops strategies and solutions to directly produce bottom line savings for its clients.  

Bottom line... we get results! Acting unbiasedly as your representative, we buy energy smarter and cheaper than most clients can on their own!  

Business Services

As an independent energy advisor, STEP instills energy-buying confidence, through unbiased "client friendly" education and information.

Technical Services

Technical knowledge and the ability to decipher complex data, provides for energy delivery and monitoring to best suit our corporate clientele.

Regulatory Services

STEP understands the regulatory & political climate and the obligations & opportunities that arise from this level of expertise. As an advocate, we help educate & alert to the impact of these regulatory complexities.

Why Choose STEP?

  • Independent — We are independent of any utility, supplier or marketer. We work for you.

  • Objective — One size does not fit all. We assess your needs and make recommendations and implement strategies designed specifically for you.

  • Experience — Backed by a combination of utility, finance, and technical expertise, our team develops and delivers superior results. With more than $3 billion of transactions completed; we deliver results for our clients.

Weather, Natural Gas, and Energy Costs

This winter continues to produce record breaking cold temperatures across much of the U.S..  The Northeast, Midwest, and South have experienced several record breaking lows, with temperatures dipping well below zero in many places.  So what does this mean for your energy spend?

It is important for key decision makers to understand the broader picture and how climate and weather events and energy market behavior can impact your natural gas and electricity spend quite significantly, as the money spent on energy goes to the bottom line, dollar for dollar. 

The subject of energy markets is complex and for most translates in the form of an increase or decrease in your monthly electric or natural gas bills.  But how are prices impacted and how can you mitigate your risk?  

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